Reflection and Perspective Go a Long Way

NJ Audubon was particularly interested in working with Cotton Cattle to access our abundance of high quality grasslands. Sadly, these types of environments that benefit a variety a creatures - not just our cattle and birds - are dwindling more and more each year. Which means, of course, that the animals that rely on those habitats are also dwindling. 

We were in the process of scheduling another Member Walk with NJ Audubon but have decided to shelf the event in light of all that's happening. However, while we might not be able to partner at the moment and collaborate on a physical event, it's a great time to take note of the importance and integrity of both independent organizations and how their missions hold up - even during global pandemics.

Maybe take a moment to step outside and acknowledge whatever natural beauty is around you. Drum up some gratitude for it. Without organizations like NJ Audubon and Cotton Cattle, natural beauty in New Jersey and the surrounding areas would struggle to exist and maybe not exist at all in some ways.

Sometimes the concept of holistic business models gets lost on today's business stakeholders and consumers, but we all need to remember that we're just like pebbles being cast into water. That action creates a ripple of other actions in all different directions. And, no matter how small the ripple, pressure, or change is, it will still have a major impact on AT LEAST one other element - person, place, or thing - over time.

There are about 8.88 million people in New Jersey. That's a lot of pebbles. They all have to eat. Can you imagine the positive impact of those pebbles if they chose local, nutrient-dense, and eco-friendly food? The potential is exhilarating for us. It drives us. And the hope and determination of one individual is important, but we can't do it alone. We're all humans. We're resilient. We got this. 

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