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4 Easy and Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings (Comforting & Low Calorie, too!)

At Cotton Cattle, we’re big fans of staying positive and seeing the bright side. For that reason, we wanted to draw attention to those people who have discovered new enjoyment and skills in the kitchen throughout this pandemic. We’re receiving a lot of great testimonials and can’t truly express how special and inspirational these are to us. Please keep them coming!  On the flip side, while putting thought and energy into your meals is always a good practice to follow, it can be a bit exhausting as well. So it’s totally understandable to be reaching for the occasional quick and not-so-healthy meal or snack, especially as we crave comfort during these trying times. If, however, you have been longing for...

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Your Guide to Chorizo + How to Enjoy It (4 Chorizo Recipes Included)

What is chorizo made out of? Usually ground or roughly chopped pork.  Highly seasoned, typically spicy. High fat content. Often sold wrapped in a casing, like a sausage, or as a ground meat. What does chorizo taste like? It’s on the spicy side, but still considered a bearable spice by most (not “melt your face off” type of spice, typically a kick of heat). The spice comes from hot pepper seasonings. Mexican chorizo is typically seasoned with vinegar and chile peppers. Spanish chorizo contains garlic and paprika, which is why it usually has a deeper red color, although both types air on the side of a rich red color. Spanish and Mexican chorizo? Spanish chorizo is produced as a dried...

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Why Do We Pair Red Wine with Red Meat?

You may have noticed that we've begun to incorporate pairing suggestions with some of our products, beginning with our red meats, like a Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon by Caymus with our Chuck Roast (one of Bryce's favorites). We believe it's fairly common knowledge that red wines go well with red meat and, on the flip side, it's common for white wines to be paired with lighter meats, especially fish. And while grabbing any wine willy nilly is likely to enhance your dining experience, we think you'll find the art of intentional pairing to be quite rewarding. It certainly causes us to be more present in the dining moment, and remain more conscious of the flavor profiles for the entire meal. We thought some of...

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