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Can Grassfed Cattle Eat Grass All Winter Long in New Jersey?

Ever wonder how grass fed operations remain 100% grass fed through winter months? There's storage hay of course but that can't really provide the same nutrition as holistic rotational grazing does during spring, summer and fall. The truth is, it takes some creative crop management and the method we're utilizing is still relatively "green" in the gassfed industry. See what we did there?  A few years ago, while on our constant quest to run our farm as holistically as possible and conveniently provide our customers with an outstanding product year round, we found a specialty corn developed just for the grass fed industry.  You see, corn is actually a grass. Right now you might be wondering, "then what's the big deal with grass fed cows following a strict no-corn diet?!"...

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How many species do our pastures have?

Each of Cotton Cattle Company's pastures has at least 13 species. These species are broken down into grasses, legumes and forbes. Grasses provide much of the sugars and energy for the cattle, similar to the carbohydrates we need. The legumes provide the protein the cattle need for growth and maintenance. The forbes are similar to our multivitamins, pulling essential vitamins and minerals from the soil and passing them on to the cows as they graze. We maintain an appropriate balance of all three components by using rotational grazing and ensuring that each field has the proper amount of time to recover.

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