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Filet Mignon All Natural Grassfed Beef from NJ

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Filet Mignon

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All Natural Grass fed Filet Mignon: 1-1.5” thick steak cut from the head of the tenderloin. This cut is the most tender part of the beef, and highly sought after as the best cut available. It should not be over-cooked!

    Cotton Cattle's All Natural Grassfed Beef is 100% grass fed and finished. We humanely raise our cattle with no antibiotics and no added hormones.

    To ensure exceptional quality:

    • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially frozen.
    • We guarantee that you will receive the size ordered or larger.

    Cotton Cattle Compnay
    River Valley Farm
    Cornfield Lane
    Asbury, NJ 08802
    phone: 1-800-310-6080

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