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Our Recycling Program

At Cotton Cattle we believe in reusing and recycling. We have worked hard to identify packaging that is environmentally friendly & provides sufficient insulation!

The Control Temp Classic Packaging used to deliver your meat consists of:

The Insulation: The mineral fiber insulation is made of natural stone and a minimum of 40% recycled content. When disposed of, it will break down back into the dirt. No fiberglass here!
The Plastic: The Control Temp Classic is encased in a Silver Mylar plastic that is classified as a #7 other for recycling purposes.
The Corrugated Box: The box is a standard recycling corrugated box and is accepted at most recycling centers.

All of these components can be recycled and/or reused. By returning your Control Temp Classic Packaging and Gel Packs to Cotton Cattle Company, we will ensure that the products are reused when possible. Items that are not re-usable, will be properly recycled.

To return your Control Temp Classic box and gel packs…

  1. Hold onto your box
  2. When you order your next delivery, choose YES to returning a box during check out (this is so we can let the courier know to look for it; If you forget, you can always email us!)
  3. Simply put the return label on your box and leave the box with the packaging and gel packs inside for the courier to pick up
  4. Once we receive your box, we will credit your Shopify account $5 to be used on your next purchase

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