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Country Ribs

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Weight: Approximately 1 lb. per rack

Cotton Cattle's Heritage Pork is authentically raised by Farmer Moes. In order to bring you flavorful and tender pork that your family will love, Farmer Moes exceeds Cotton Cattle expectations. Our pork is:

  • Fed a non-GMO, organic diet
  • Raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones
  • Raised outside on pasture or in deeply bedded pens
  • Sustainably and humanly raised
Because we care:
  • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed
  • Due to the nature of ribs, pork ribs will may be slightly above or below the estimated weight
Cotton Cattle Compnay
River Valley Farm
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Asbury, NJ 08802
phone: 1-800-310-6080